Friday, January 29

Gary Jules - Mad World [Homeless People]

Gary Jules' Song Mad World and pictures of homeless people. I made this to show the bad side of life and how happy we can be to have a good life. Please leave fair comments and ratings.

Thursday, January 28

Jim Page - Anna Mae Pictou Aquash - American Indian

A very moving dedication to Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. It brought tears to my eyes.

This song was written in 1979 by Jim Page (long-time activist- folk singer/songwriter) and is about Anna Mae a Micmac American Indian lady who dedicated her life to help Indian people during hard times. She was killed by FBI agents on the Lakota-Sioux Pine Ridge Settlement in South Dakota. Her death was done in a brutal and savage way. You can see part of her story in the movie 'Thunder Heart' and also in the documentary of Leonard Peltier 'Incident at Oglala.' I will put the lyrics and chords up later. Claudia Schmidt also has done a beautiful song on the Spirit of Anna Mae, which is very moving. I do not know the name of this song but will try to find out.

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Biography: Robert Pickton, the Pig Farmer Killer #1

WARNING: Graphic.
— Robert Pickton, Canadian pig farmer turned serial killer, preyed on prostitutes and drug addicts from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside luring them to his farm under the cover of a registered charity, Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

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RCMP searched Chelsey’s grave for more bodies

Accused allegedly spoke of two other girls buried at site, but no further clues found

By Glenda Luymes, The Province

January 28, 2010

Picture of murder victim Chelsey Acorn.

Picture of murder victim Chelsey Acorn.

Photograph by: Handout, For The Province

An RCMP forensic team that worked on the Robert Pickton serial-murder case visited the site where Abbotsford teen Chelsey Acorn's body was found in 2006 — to search for the remains of more women they thought might be there.

The disturbing revelation came Wednesday in Chilliwack Supreme Court as lawyers questioned RCMP Sgt. Robert Page about the investigation into Chelsey's death.

The 14-year-old's body was found in a shallow grave a few kilometres outside of Hope in April 2006.

Charged with first-degree murder are 24-year-old Dustin Moir and his trucker father, 56-year-old Jesse Blue West.

The jury heard Wednesday that officers were working on information collected in taped phone calls between Moir and his mother when they revisited Chelsey's burial site to search for more bodies.

Moir allegedly told his mother that West had told him there were up to 24 bodies buried in the area. Despite numerous objections by lawyers about the "hearsay" nature of the information, the jury also heard that an inmate held in pretrial custody with West told police the trucker had said there were two more girls buried in the area.

Page said police did not find any more evidence at the site.

The testimony came two days after the murder trial for the two men was split, with a new trial date to be set for West. Prior to the split, jurors heard that Chelsey may have been murdered after witnessing a drug deal involving West.

During a taped conversation with an undercover RCMP officer posing as a criminal, West said he snapped an unnamed female's neck, put her body in a hole, crushed her with a rock and then buried her.

As part of the "Mr. Big" undercover operation, Moir also told an undercover officer he had helped his father kill Acorn for $15,000.

Moir bragged that he and his father both had sex with the girl as they drove to the campsite, where they set up a tent.

He said his father began to strangle Chelsey, but he had to finish the job. Once she was placed in a grave, Moir smashed a rock on her head. They covered her body with rocks and a small tree.

In court Wednesday, Page testified there were four pieces of holdback information that police hid from suspects and the public, including the fact that Chelsey wasn't wearing clothes when she was found, that tree roots were cut to make her grave, that a large rock was found near her head and that her skull was crushed over the left eye.

In his cross-examination, Moir's defence lawyer suggested police had no hard evidence linking Moir to Chelsey's death when they went ahead with the expensive "Mr. Big" operation.

"Instead of asking questions of Mr. Moir, [police used] the deluxe model of undercover operations," he said.

Outside court, Cheryl Walden — Acorn's friend and former foster mother — said the trial had been very difficult and "frustrating."

Walden has tried to attend every day in memory of Chelsey, who she remembered as an outgoing, feisty girl with a "fabulous smile."

© Copyright (c) The Province

The Province

Information needed: Chelsey Dawn Acorn

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Tuesday, January 26

Cleaning out the crap Part 1 of 2- NEIGHBORHood1o1

Jim Muir: These videos tell my experience with two of the women found on Picktons farm...Pt 1 is more general about the downtown eastside, pt 2 is specifically about those two girls and the incidents that assures me there was more than Pickton involves.

Cleaning out the crap Part 2 of 2- NEIGHBORHood1o1

From Jim Muir: These videos tell my experience with two of the women found on Picktons farm...Pt 1 is more general about the downtown eastside, pt 2 is specifically about those two girls and the incidents that assures me there was more than Pickton involves.

Friday, January 22

Wilda Ruttle – Missing for several years

Wilda Ruttle and son Josh_color Wilda (aka Wendy) Ruttle

d.o.b. July 3, 1954
Place: Calgary, Alberta
Present Address: Unknown
Son: Josh Ruttle
Age: approx. 32-35 years
Born: Calgary, Alberta
Father: Claude Beauchamp
Sisters of Wilda (aka Wendy) Ruttle
Connie Czank (George)
Mailing Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
No contact with Wilda (Wendy) Ruttle for several years

Diana Ruttle
Age: 57 years
Born: 1952
Address: Victoria, B. C.
Phone: 1-250-220-8666
Landlady: Mandy Morris
Phone: 1-250-220-8666
No contact with Wilda (Wendy) Ruttle for several years

Previous address for Diana Ruttle
Landlords: Peter & Susan Crayford
Esquimalt, B. C.
Phone: 1-250-589-9909
Contact with any/all information or questions: James CArl Thompson (Uncle) Originator of this search:
Nephew to Flo Ruttle, Mother of Wilda (Wendy) Ruttle

Res: 1-780-624-1288 Peace River, AB
Cell: 1-780-219-1887

Alternate contact phone number: 403-245-6081, Calgary, AB

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Sunday, January 10

A Girls Innocence Defiled: A Diary Revealing the Soul Destroying Consequences of Rape and Molestation

The Soul Destroying Affects Of Rape and Molestion On A Innocent Girl

By Richard Boyden

A Girls Innocence Defiled: A Diary Revealing the Soul Destroying Consequence of Rape and Molestation.

Few women come forward to share their secret and intimate history thought by thought, feeling by feeling, and act by act in a detailed visionary view into their soul by intimately reliving how their pure and precious childhood innocence was viciously defiled and subsequently destroyed. Even fewer women are willing to reveal it in such heart wrenching detail as Morningstar Mercredi in her book “Morningstar: A Warrior’s Spirit”. Most importantly revealed in her book is how she overcame and found peace through the unending and needed love and compassion from others. Her book is then in itself proof that there is such a thing as a “miracle of healing” and why her story needs to be told.

When I first read excerpts from her book, I found myself seeing in my “minds eye” what was happening to her not only through the words she shared, but also through her spirit speaking from the darkest recesses of those memories which she shared as she painfully recalled the horrors experienced using her own creative gifts of expression. I personally found myself being overcome with a pain that caused me anger and unbridled hate at the men who treated her with such vile, evil, and demonically inspired disrespect in their acts of rape and molestation. In fact, her testimony somehow allowed my mind to painfully feel the devastating and tormenting affects on her soul almost as if they were personally mine. I raged at what these diabolical and evil sub-human forms of male humanity did to her.

Mercredi shares how the emotional and spiritual consequences of each act of rape and molestation impacted her daily struggle just to be a normal child. She shares her attempts to create “escape fantasies” that would numb and delete from her soul the memories of the night by night visitations by demons in the flesh. I found myself one moment in tears reading one sentence and then while reading the next wanting to reach into her world and expunge the beast guilty of this unforgivable sin with a bullet..

You will read how her life spirals out of control into those spheres of escapism of drugs and living on the streets. She shares her attempts to overcome the continual experiences of rape and abuse and then falling back into those destructive “deathstyles” where opportunities to numb her horrific struggle to just to live almost destroyed her.

But the most important revelation coming from the heart of Morningstar Mercredi and found in her book, is that she did overcome and not only that, she also shed the millstone around her neck of being just a “victim” of the rape and abuse meted upon her.

Her book can also be seen then as a step by step “deliverance guide” for every woman who has been raped and sexually abused. Does it contain the “absolute answer” for every woman? No but what Mercredi does share is how she personally was delivered by and through the unending and committed love of her son,family, friends, and others who continued to strive with her and wanted her to become the beautiful and accomplished woman she is today.

She now is a known public speaker, poet, writer, actress, activist, and a in the streets counselor and sister to those women, young and old, struggling to escape from their past hells of rape and abuse as both children and adults. She is available for public speaking and seminars addressing the subject of rape and molestation of women and children.

This is a “must read book” for any and all who want to understand, want to be healed, and want to help themselves personally and others to overcome the affects of the rape and “soul murder” of young girls and women.

To order a copy, you can contact Morningstar Mercredi through her facebook site. I do know there are a minimal number of her books available and that she needs financial assistance to reprint additional copies due to an experience with an unscrupulous publisher.

So if you are able to assist her in allowing for her “message of hope” to children and women raped and sexually abused to be reprinted and be “read from the house tops” as I personally believe should be the case, then please contact her.
In my humble opinion, her book and the message contained therein is one of the most important testimonies that all need to understand in order to see in their “minds eye” just what this cruel, evil, and destructive “crime against female humanity” does to the soul of a innocent children and women and how Morningstar Mercredi personally became victorious over the affects of in her life.

Richard Boyden

Founder of Operation Morning Star


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Friday, January 8

A ‘parent’s worst nightmare

Posted By Marc Zienkiewicz


January 8, 2010.

jennifer catcheway

The Olympic torch entered the North Eastman region on Tuesday, and two First Nations used the occasion to send a strong message concerning slain and missing indigenous women in Canada.

The protest, organized by Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation and attended by members of Sagkeeng First Nation, was held in Treaty One territory at the junction of Hwy. 11 and the Trans Canada Highway, at the southern end of the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Roseau River Chief Terry Nelson addressed a large contingent of Sagkeeng students as the Olympic torch quickly passed by on the highway. The torch re-entered Manitoba just an hour or so earlier, passing through Falcon Lake on its way to Steinbach before it went through Dugald and Oakbank.

"We're here to remember the women who've died and we want to make sure that the young people here today don't end up on that list of victims," Nelson said.

That list of victims currently includes 500 murdered or missing Canadian indigenous women, many killed by white men, Nelson said. He noted that public reaction to a white woman being killed or going missing is much different than when the same thing happens to an indigenous woman.

The chief made reference to the Robert Pickton murders in B.C. where the Olympics are set to be held. Pickton was given a life sentence in 2007 for murdering numerous women, many of them prostitutes and drug users who happened to be of Aboriginal heritage.

Nelson said police failed to take the murders seriously because the victims were considered the "lowest of the low."


Choosing the Olympic torch relay as an occasion for protesting the issue has drawn criticism, but Nelson said he won't be deterred. He wants Olympic athletes to know that when it comes to treatment of indigenous women, Canada is anything but a bastion of human rights.

"The media asked me why we're doing this right now, why we're bringing this up (during the torch relay). I told them if there were 500 killed or missing Jewish women, would they ask the Jewish community to apologize? Of course not," Nelson said. "But when it's Indians, we're supposed to feel bad and say we're sorry."

An apology will not happen, he insisted. Nelson has made a point of confronting the Canadian government over its policies concerning Aboriginal people — he was recently in Ottawa for a chief's assembly, where Nelson demanded Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl provide more money toward native education.

Although he said he's not against the torch relay, he made reference to its rarely-mentioned origins — the relay was actually started at the controversial 1936 Summer Olympics held in Nazi Germany.

"We're not against the Olympics. We're not against the athletes. This is about protesting the policies of our government, and we won't say sorry for that," he said.

Portage la Prairie's Bernice Catcheway and her husband Wilfred know all too well the pain of having a missing relative. Their daughter Jennifer went missing during the summer of 2008 and has not been heard from since.

It was her 18th birthday when she vanished.

"It's a parent's worst nightmare," Bernice said. "That's why we're here today. We just have to do what we can to put Jennifer in the public eye. There are so many missing women in Canada, but I'm here for my Jennifer."

Article ID# 2253082

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Year’s first homicide victim was mother of two young boys

By Ben Gelinas,

January 8, 2010 8:29 AM

Leslie Ann Talley, 29, Edmonton's first homicide victim of 2010. Her body was found in the middle of a northeast Edmonton road on Jan. 6. The cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Leslie Ann Talley, 29, Edmonton's first homicide victim of 2010. Her body was found in the middle of a northeast Edmonton road on Jan. 6. The cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Photograph by: Global News,

EDMONTON — Leslie Ann Talley, whose partially clothed body was found Wednesday morning in the middle of an Edmonton street, drank often and lived what police describe as a high-risk lifestyle.

But she was also the mother of two little boys and made sure to regularly call family in Meander River so they knew she was all right.

An autopsy found she died from injuries consistent with being hit by something, what the medical examiner describes as blunt force trauma.

Talley, 29, was a member of the Dene Tha First Nation.

She grew up in the Meander River community, about 800 kilometres north of Edmonton and not far from High Level.

From birth she was brought up primarily by her father Albert and her grandmother, Mary Nora Salopree.

"We took her in when she was about a month old," he aunt Vicki Salopree said.

"All the family pitched in."

Talley was a happy child who was keen to help her grandmother cook and clean, and she was a big help to other elders, too, Salopree said on Thursday.

"She moved to Edmonton and I don't know what happened over there ... but she kept in touch with the family."

In the big city, her life took a turn for the worst.

Salopree said Talley drank a lot. Another family member said she called them New Year's Eve, drunk, and told them she was doing drugs. Talley's two boys, ages nine and two, have been in the care of others for awhile.

She was on provincial government financial assistance after six pins were used to repair her arm following an accident.

Talley used to live in her own apartment with a man. But family recently heard she no longer had a place of her own, something police confirm.

The family is left with so many questions about what happened to her.

"I wonder if it was in an instant or if she had to suffer," Salopree said.

Talley's grandmother has been hit hard by the death.

"Whatever time she did phone, Mary always wanted her to come home, begged her to come home and she really loved her a lot," Salopree said.

Police had run into Talley a great deal.

"She had a lot of different issues going on in her life and any one of these issues could have been the reason for her demise," homicide detective Greg Murray said.

Police want to speak to anyone who may have been with her Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Her body was discovered by two people between a condo complex and a row of half-finished and new homes in the Kirkness neighbourhood shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday, on the extreme north end of the city, near 151st Avenue and 32nd Street.

She was the city's first homicide victim of the year.

Project Kare is aware of the Talley case but is not currently involved.

© Copyright (c) The Edmonton Journal

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Wednesday, January 6

Bill Hiscox, who gave information to Vancouver Police in Serial Killer Robert Pickton’s case to appear in court on assault charges.

Bill Hiscox a former employee of P & B Salvage formerly owned by serial killer Robert Pickton and brother Dave and who led Vancouver Police to the Pickton farm in 1998 has been charged with assaulting a young woman. Bill Hiscox who has stated that it was the right thing to do to talk with the police and the media to help the families, appears to have a history of assault according to court documents. An informed source states that Bill Hiscox will answer to the assault charge in court on January 7, 2010 in Surrey, British Columbia.

Kammerer v. Hiscox court document.

Pickton Tape given to police in 1998.,_2002.htm

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